Animal Shelter Adoption Specials

As a volunteer at the Sacramento County Animal Shelter, I like to do my part and help spread the word about events and specials happening at the shelter.  There are two adoption promotions happening this week!

The first is a “Donate What You Can” promotion.  The adoption fees typically average $81 for cats and $147 for dogs, and this special ends on Wednesday, November 23rd.

I met Olympus yesterday and he is a sweet and playful 8 month old puppy waiting for his forever home.  He is a smart boy and the shelter volunteers have been working on teaching him basic obedience, such as sit, down and stay.  He is a happy boy that loves people.  You can can read more about Olympus at:

Peaches is a doll!  I got to meet her yesterday and she is very smart, playful, and will smother you with kisses.  She was so much fun to play with, and will make a wonderful companion.  You can read more about Peaches at:

The second promotion will be happening on Saturday, November 26th and Sunday, November 27th.  Even though the shelter will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after, they are keeping up with the “Black Friday” tradition and offering 50% off the adoption fees for all black and mostly black animals.

Daddy is a special guy!  I have met him several times while at the shelter, and he is one cool cat.  He is smart, and knows a lot of basic obedience commands such as sit, down, stay and come.  He is a young 6 years old, and he knows how to have fun as well as sit back and relax.  You can read more about Daddy at:

Panda is another dog that caught my eye as well as of a number of shelter volunteers.  This sweet 10 month old boy is very polite, has great manners, and is quiet and confident.  You can learn more about Panda at:

Thank you for reading about these wonderful dogs, and please help spread the word!  Kristina

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