9 Easy Ways to Help Animals in Need

Since the season of giving is in full force, I wanted to share this article I read in the Redbook magazine on 9 Easy Ways to Help Animals in Need.  I understand that not everyone is able to or has the time the volunteer at an animal shelter, but there are ways you can help our homeless animal population from the comfort of your home.

If you have some extra time and are looking for a new volunteer opportunity, I have an amazing opportunity to share with you!   I volunteer with a local group that networks shelter dogs that are available to rescue groups only.  The dogs that are deemed rescue eligible are usually not quite ready for adoption due to a medical condition or a behavior issue that can be easily corrected with training.  Unfortunately there is just not enough money for the shelters to hire training staff, or pay for medical expenses.  This is where many amazing rescue groups step up and help the dogs out so they can find forever homes.

A few of us volunteers visit with these dogs at the shelter and take photographs and video.   We send the photos and video to other volunteers who network these dogs by contacting rescue organizations to see if they can take in these dogs.  The best thing is these volunteers work are able to work from the comfort of their home!

If would like more information please e-mail me at petwatch916@gmail.com

Thank you friends!  Kristina

Read more: Abandoned Animals – How to Help Animals – Redbook

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