What is your 2012 New Year’s resolution for your pets?

I just read a great article from Cesar Milan’s blog on “What Would Your Dog’s New Year’s Resolution Be?”

New Year’s resolutions do not have to be just about what we do for ourselves.  They can be made by us to help those who depend upon us, the ones who count on us to care for them and offer guidance, such as our pet children.

Thank you Cesar for reminding me of the 2011 goals that I set for our newest family dog pack member.  My boyfriend and I first met a pit bull dog named Berta on a typical day of volunteering at the county animal shelter.  Typically we will walk dogs, take their photographs and write a short biography about the dog and post on www.petfinder.com.  We met Berta last February and really liked her.  We even went home and talked about how great of a dog she was, and how much her family must miss her.  Berta had come into the shelter as a stray dog wandering the streets with no tags, collar or microchip.

I posted the below photo of Berta and I on my Facebook page, and a friend posted a comment on how much love she looked like she had for me.  Talk about a powerful photograph and one line statement!  That was the tip of the iceberg, we decided to adopt Berta.


Berta was 7 months old at the time, and we changed her name to Brooklyn.  As with most dogs from the shelter, they typically need some obedience training, and to learn the rules and routine of your home.  Brooklyn was a quick learner and we were able to teach her how to sit, lay down, stay and shake your paw, and house train and crate train her.

We have had nothing but positive reactions from people when they have met Brooklyn.  She is always very calm, happy, and very polite.  When she meets other dogs, she does great too.  She is wonderful at the dog park and plays well with the other dogs.  I think Brooklyn is a good ambassador for her breed.

I have decided my 2012 New Year’s resolution for Brooklyn is to have her earn her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate.  It will take some work on our part, but it’s not terribly time consuming and I just need to be more consistent for Brooklyn.

What is your 2012 New Year’s resolution for your pets?Image

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