Fur Code Pet Tag

I am really excited to have found this new product!  In this day and age with many people carrying around smartphones and being able to scan QR codes, having a Fur Code tag is a great idea!

This tool would take out a few steps in helping a lost pet find it’s way home.  Traditional tags only offer pet owners a few lines to engrave their pet’s contact information, and Fur Code allows pet owners to provide a lot more information, to include license, rabies, vaccination, veterinarian and medical history, to name a few.

Some of the reviews on the Fur Code tag make comment about not needing to microchip their pet since they purchased the Fur Code tag, but I still advocate for getting a microchip.  Tags fall off collars, and also become victims of normal wear and tear, so a microchip is a good back up to have just in case.  Plus many cities are now requiring pet owners to microchip their pets when registering for a license.

The Fur Code is supposed to be able to keep all of your pet’s information in an online database that can be accessed online and through the QR code.

The only downfall to the Fur Code tag is the wrong person obtaining too much of your personal information.  I would be cautious as to what information your providing in order to protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft.

Aside from that the thing I like best is that if I were to find a lost dog, I could use my smartphone. which I always carry with me, to help a pet find it’s way home.

I don’t get paid for advertising, but Fur Code is currently offering a 25% off New Year sale with free shipping.

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