Craigslist dog ends up at Westminster Dog Show!

There is the perception that dogs advertised on Craigslist are throwaways.  That they are dogs with issues that will be difficult to deal with.  That some of the people looking for adoptable dogs  on Craigslist are dog fighters looking for a bait dog.  Well, this story may make you think twice about that negativity.

You should read the article Dog Goes From Craigslist to Westminster and check out the video.  This is an ending and a happy beginning for a dog that was no longer wanted by his owners.  A dog like so many other dogs advertised on Craigslist that are in need of a good home.  It goes to show you that just because a dog is not wanted by one person does not mean he is a bad dog or has a negative stigma attached to them.  It also proves that there can be good people searching Craigslist for adoptable dogs.

I am so happy for Maverick that he was able to go to a good home, and is now receiving loving care, attention and training that he deserved.   It is the icing on the cake for Maverick to be able to compete at Westminster, but it not as important as for what his story tells.  Thank you Maverick for showing us that good dogs can be found on Craigslist!

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