What to Expect When Adopting a Pit Bull (Part 1)

A fellow animal shelter volunteer passed this along to our group of volunteers, and after reading it I see why she chose to share with the rest of us.

What to Expect When You’re Adopting a Pit Bull is very well written article for people who have never cared for their very own pit bull, and are considering adopting one. It’s a phenomenon on how many people can be so divided on this breed.

I was one of those people whose only exposure to the breed was from what I read in the media.  I grew up around large dogs, English Sheepdogs, German Shepherds and Rottweilers; and have always had a fondness for them because they were a part of my childhood.  I did not adopt my very own dogs until after I was out of college and purchased my first home.  When the time was right I ended up adopting my two small dogs, Mia and Daisy.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago when I started volunteering at the local animal shelter, I learned the majority of the homeless animal population are pit bulls and pit bull mixes.  My volunteer experience has been such an invaluable lesson, and allowed me the opportunity to learn for myself to love the pit bull breed.  I highly recommend to anyone who can spare a few hours a month to volunteer at the shelter, but that is another topic for another blog.

BrooklynAbout a year ago a pit bull named Berta showed up at the shelter, and we took her photographs and posted her as being available for adoption on www.petfinder.com.  Then a couple of days later I was picking her up from the shelter to bring her to her new home.  I have heard good and bad advice at the shelter from other pit bull experienced volunteers on what to expect when living with a pit bull.

I was given a bunch of information that I did not quite understand.  Some if it I was skeptical of because I did not know how to decipher from what was true or false, such as pit bulls having prey drive.  Personally, I think all living animals have a natural prey drive, and I have even encountered some of them pushing shopping carts through the aisles at Costco.

What was cool about the information, such as in this article, was it prepared for me for some worst case scenarios in dealing with people who just did not know the breed.  This is why I highly recommend reading this article What to Expect When Adopting a Pit Bull.

Our pit bull has met so many great people, and I have only had one negative comment, ever.  We did not adopt her to make her an ambassador for her breed or for us to show her off, we adopted her because we liked her.  She could have been labeled a chihuahua, and we still would have adopted her.

We are proud of our pit bull, and how she has made herself an ambassador for her breed, all on her own.  To us, she is just a part of our family.

What has been your experience in having a pit bull as a part of your family?

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