What to Expect When You’re Adopting a Pit Bull (Part 2)

I loved reading the Part 2 of the article What to Expect When You’re Adopting a Pit Bull (Part 1).  The author Rob Toledo hit the nail right on the head about how this breed is.  Every line I nodded my head at because that is exactly how our pit bull Brooklyn is.

I have never had a dog be as loyal to me as Brooklyn.  I don’t doubt that my other dogs love me, but when it’s late and we’re watching television, the other dogs will go lay on their bed while Brooklyn will lay on the carpet next to our feet.

Brooklyn is one determined gal too!  Some people will say pit bulls are like Houdini’s.  One time I left one of the latches on her kennel door unlocked and somehow she was able to squeeze her way out, and boy did she have fun!  She was not destructive but she did have fun tossing the couch cushions around and separating the dirty laundry for us.  When she decided she needed to go potty, at least she made the decision to go potty on the tile in the bathroom.  I was quite impressed at that point.

One thing the author did forget to mention are the “zoomies.”  Brooklyn will get a burst of energy and decide to run laps around the house.  I have friends that say their pit bulls do the same thing too.  Some pit bulls can have more energy that others, and as with all dogs you need to exercise them regularly or they will start performing destructive behaviors like destroying your home and yard, excessive barking, and the list goes.

I hope you enjoyed reading Part 2 as much as I did.  Does your pit bull do things not mentioned in the article too?  I would love to hear your comments or funny stories.

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