Would you pay your groomer to brush your pet’s teeth?

Clean Teeth by Pet Watch 916When I take my dogs to our groomers, there is a sign posted on the front counter for teeth cleaning services by a dental technician that visits the shop once a month.  I have often wondered how they do it, and have asked but then was referred to call the person who performs the service.

I have also paid for my veterinarian office to do a thorough teeth cleaning for my dogs, and that cost around $300 because they use anesthesia to complete the service.  The service by the dental technician offered at my groomer’s shop cost $90, so there is a huge price difference!

There is much awareness these days in the benefits of brushing your pet’s teeth and how it is related to their overall health.  I did not know there was Assembly Bill 2034 recently proposed to allow your groomer to clean your pet’s teeth until I read this article California Groomers Rebuffed on Pets’ Tooth Care.  The bill was turned down, and not a single vote was in favor of it.

You would think that law makers and veterinarians would support this because there are pet owners that do not provide regular at home teeth cleaning for their pets.  If a pet owner does not clean their pets teeth, but is willing to pay their groomers to do it for them, then why not pass the bill?  Some cleaning is better than no cleaning.

If your groomer offered this service, would you pay for it?  If not, then why not?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

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