Will your pet be attending your wedding?

Wedding Pets by PetWatch 916Wedding season is here, and many engaged couples have already started adding members to their new families before the big day.  The new family members are not always a human baby, rather a new pet, and many engaged couples want their beloved pets to be a part of their special day.

Weddings can sometimes be very stressful because there are so many things involved, and much coordination and cooperation is necessary in order for the wedding event to happen as the newly weds wish for it to be on their big day.  Adding a pet into the mix can be more stress, or it can be a loving and welcome addition.  Here is a wonderfully detailed blog written by a professional pet sitter that has helped make a pet a nice addition to a wedding event.  She discusses how a pet can be more of a pain or nuisance if the wrong person is entrusted with their car.  Just think, how would muddy paw prints on a bride’s beautiful white gown would be?


Don’t forget that PetWatch 916 can also help make your pets a part of your wedding day!  Check out our Wedding Pet Attendant Service for ways on how we can help you include your pet in your wedding.  Call us today at (916) 520-4PET (4738) for a free consultation.

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