Thank you Miss Wilson for the donation for the shelter cats!

Cat sitting by PetWatch 916These past couple of days I have had a great time visiting with one of my favorite kitties, Miss Wilson.

Miss Wilson also decided that she wanted to give her bed and a play tunnel to the shelter cats, and asked me if I could take it to the shelter so the cats can have something nice.  Of course I said yes!!!  Thank you Miss Wilson for being so kind and sharing with those in need.

Miss Wilson was also once a shelter cat, and she knows how life can be in there.  It’s the little things like a cozy bed, toys, or even a piece of equipment to play on, that can help the shelter animals pass the time while they are waiting for their forever family to come adopt them.

Shelter Volunteer by PetWatch 916If you’re still doing some spring cleaning and want to get rid of any towels, blankets or bedding, please contact me and I would more than happy to pick them up from you to take to the shelter.

I know the towels may sound a little silly, but the Animal Control Officers actually use them in field when picking up injured animals.

The blankets and other bedding are used so the animals have something to sleep on other than the concrete floor.

The shelter also takes dog houses and portable animal crates for the animals in foster care .  The pet food pantry is always in need of dog and cat food too.   If you have something you think the shelter could use, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Thank you again to Miss Wilson for the gift, it will be put to good use.


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