How safe is your pet when riding in your car?

PetWatch 916While driving between pet sits this morning, I witnessed a huge German Shepherd riding in the bed of a truck on the freeway.  I often see dogs riding in truck beds, but what made this more disturbing was the dog was able to move around as freely as he wanted to.  He was able to perch himself up on the side of the truck, and half of his body was hanging over the side enjoying the 50 mph wind.

I don’t believe that securing your dog to the truck bed with a leash is much better, but more of a potential noose.

Even allowing your pets to freely sit in the cab of a car without being secure still makes them a potential projectile weapon in the event of a car accident.

They can even be ejected from your vehicle and may find themselves running around in traffic as seen in this video:

In my search of trying to find a more safe way to transport pets, I stumbled upon the following article:

I found the information to be very helpful, and I hope that you do too!  I would love to hear your thoughts on ways you keep your pets safe riding in the car, so please comment below!


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