Meet a sweet and deaf Staffordshire Terrier named Mozart!

staffordshire terrierWhile volunteering at the shelter this weekend, I had the opportunity to meet this special deaf Staffordshire Terrier named Mozart that is available for adoption.  I wanted to help him get some exposure so he can find his forever home.

Mozart is a wonderful and mellow puppy!  He is a special guy that is deaf and will need a family who is willing to treat him a little differently than most dogs.  Mozart is very well behaved for being just 5 months old, he gets along with other dogs, and loves loves loves to be around people.  Mozart will gently accept treats from your hand, will snuggle up right next to you, and happily roll over for belly rubs too.  The shelter gave Mozart a behavioral test and rated him as being in the Orange “Busy Bee” category which means he is a naturally playful, curious, and trusting canine. Take Mozart for a walk every day, or give him something to do. After his job is done, Mozart will curl up in front of the fire with you in the evenings. (externally motivated)  Mozart will need a home with a patient owner who loves to laugh and play around, where he would get a daily walk or some exercise, and get to be an inside dog, at least while you are home.

For more information on how to meet Mozart, here is a link to his adoption page:

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