Are you an emergency first responder? You need to read this!

Pet Sitting for PetWatch 916Last night I received a phone call from a panicked firefighter who is also pet parent of a dog.  He received an emergency call to come into work immediately, and he needed someone to take care of his dog while he was away for work for the next few days.

Are you an emergency first responder and have found yourself in a similar situation before?

Let PetWatch 916 help remove the stress of finding a boarding facility or a friend to check on your pets!

By using our pet sitting service you will not need to impose upon busy friends, family or neighbors, especially at a moment’s notice.

You will not need to worry about scheduling pick up and drop off times at a boarding facility since we come to you.  There is no travel trauma, and minimal possible exposure to illness from other animals.

Your pets will be able to stay in familiar surroundings, and maintain their regular diet and exercise routines.

We practice high standards for cleanliness, and will leave your home clean and organized so you won’t even know we were there.

You will arrive home with your pets happily greeting you at the door.

PetWatch 916 is happy to send you updates via phone calls, text messages or e-mails.  We can also post photos of your happy pets on our Facebook page or our website Blog.

Need another reason to call?  We provide an extra layer of security by providing the look of your home being occupied and not vacant.  We will pick up newspapers, mail, rotate interior lights, turn your porch light on at night, and roll your trash cans out on trash days.  Having your dogs at home also deters would-be thieves!

We can provide one to three visits  per day, or can stay at your house overnight or 24/7.  We will ensure that your pets will receive individual attention and be comfortable while you are away.

Don’t worry if you are a little protective over your pets, we understand!  We can provide you with excellent references, and feel free to check out our Yelp reviews!

Add our pet sitting service into your emergency preparedness plan by calling us today to schedule your free consultation at (916) 520-4738!

P.S.  Work long days and want your dog to t a bit of exercise?  We also provide dog walking services!

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