About Us

Dear Friends and Fellow Pet Lovers,

PetWatch 916 was inspired by my two dogs, Daisy and Mia, that I adopted into my family in 2002. Like many pet owners, I relied upon family, friends and neighbors to provide in-home pet care for my pets while I was away.

Daisy is my picky girl and she is not fond of every dog she meets.  Boarding Daisy would be too stressful for her, and I didn’t think it was fair for her to be miserable while I was on vacation having fun.  I preferred that Daisy and Mia stay at home where they love it most, and be cared for by a pet sitter that I knew and trusted.  I realized not everyone is as fortunate in finding adequate and reliable pet care, and decided to form my own company, PetWatch 916.

PetWatch 916 is licensed; insured & bonded through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC; and certified in Pet First Aid & CPR through the American Red Cross.

I am also a supporter of our homeless animal population, and am an active volunteer dog walker at the Sacramento County Animal Care shelter.

My goal for PetWatch 916 is to provide my clients with the same concern and devotion that I give to my own pets.  My “pet family” now consists of my own pets and the many wonderful pets of my valued clients.

For this, I thank every one of you.



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