Would you stay in an unhappy relationship because of a shared pet?

If you are one of the rare couples that have been together since your childhood school days, you deserve applause!

For the rest of us that have had our share of failed relationships, and we added a pet into the equation, it can be a difficult decision in deciding who gets custody of the pet when it comes time to part ways.

According to this article, some people will actually stay!  Would you or could you do it?  https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/4532143/unhappy-couples-staying-relationships-pets/

As our society increasingly recognizes pets as a family member, I can sympathize with those that choose to stay.  Having a partner does help with saving time and money in the form of daily pet care and costs.  When you think about the time you spend feeding, walking or playing with your pets and cleaning up after them, time time it takes does add up.

Then there’s costs associated with food, treats, toys, grooming, health supplements, preventative and emergency care; that’s when it can hit your pocketbook.

Then there’s this couple that have chosen to have shared visitation and custody:  http://time.com/money/3994618/divorce-pet-custody-dogs-cats/

It will be interesting to see as time goes on, if this becomes a legal issue.  Or maybe it has?  What are your thoughts?