Dog Training

Personalized Private Dog Training for your Best Friend

Dogs not only look to their humans for food and companionship, but they also depend on us to make the right choices for them. We decide for them when they eat, where they go potty, when they get exercise, what people they get to meet, and so on. As a leader to your dog, they look up to you for information and guidance. When dogs do not have proper leadership, that is when they make their own decisions and cause problems for their human. Dogs that cause problems usually struggle with fear, aggression or anxiety issues.

With our dog training service, we develop a customized training plan to help you and your dog build a better relationship, and work through any behavior issues.

Depending on your needs, our services can include working on:

  • Problem Behaviors – fear, aggression or anxiety issues.
  • Manners & Obedience training – doesn’t listen, pulls on leash, jumps on people.
  • Newly adopted dog foundation training.
  • Puppy Training.

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“Kristina is the ultimate animal lover. I trust her with my pets. She’s a reliable, amazing person!” Lacey C.