Tips for Finding a Pet Sitter

Just as cops cringe when they hear of another cop’s wrong doing on the evening news, I cringed when I read the article Dogs Die Under Care of Pet Sitter in Arizona.  My heart goes out to the family that lost their two dogs this week.

I can’t say this could have been preventable since there are so many unanswered questions.  I can offer you some helpful suggestions for when you are looking to hire a new pet sitter.

The first is getting names of pet sitters in your area.  You can ask family, friends, friends of friends, your veterinarian, neighbors and co-workers for referrals.  This way you can talk directly to someone who knows the pet sitter and has first hand experience, and get honest feedback.

The second way to find pet sitters is by searching the internet.  Most pet sitters maintain websites and will provide information about their business and experience.

You can also follow up on business information by searching the internet.  If they say they are licensed, you can search the business records on the city or county business websites where their license was obtained.

If the pet sitter says they have insurance, you can ask the pet sitter for a copy of their insurance certificate.

If the pet sitter hires employees, you can ask if their business is bonded.  Bonding is typically used for when a business hires employees to cover employee related thefts.

Don’t be shy to ask for professional references, and don’t be afraid to follow up with them.  As a pet service professional, I am delighted to provide these to new clients that are not familiar with me.

It is not an easy decision to hand over the care of your pet children and home to just any person.  When you leave for your weekend getaway or vacation, we want you to enjoy your time away and not have to worry about how your pets are doing.

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